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End Product @ Astique

As you might have read my previous blog posts, I have gone to Astique for consultation (insert post link), and have also done my fillers with Astique for the first time (insert post link)!

This time I went back to do a review, and to also top up my fillers as well! Reason being because for the first time you do fillers, after 2 weeks to a month it is still moldable and the fillers will fade a little, that is why you will have to go back and top up the fillers and make it a little closer to perfect!


As usual, first step first will always be applying numbing cream. If you are afraid of the pain, apply more of the numbing cream and leave it there longer. Let the clinic assistant or doctor know that you have low tolerance of pain, I am sure they will know what to do! ☺

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After injecting more fillers, I requested to do more botox, because I really want a smaller jaw! I didn’t apply numbing cream for this, but rest assure that it didn’t really hurt much at all! From scale one to ten (the least pain to really painful), I would rate 1.5! No joke at all!

Look at the end product, look at my jaw!



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You can also contact them at:
6732 3801 / 9857 7892

Astique’s Address: 350 Orchard Road, #08-00 SHAW HOUSE S(238868)

If you are wondering how much I paid for my filler, the filler costed me $699 inclusive of GST & $599 for botox including GST!


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