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The Make Up App Everybody Is Using Now:

Recently, I have seen quite a number of people using this very app to get this look:

Initially I was wondering if I was drawn (sounds stupid but there are really a lot of make up artists around that could do really nice make ups!), and it looks super natural to me. As I thought the only application on mobile with face detection with a lot of funny, weird stuffs was Snapchat, and it this wasn’t on Snapchat I didn’t really try to find out what that was!

Until I downloaded Snow (something very much like Snapchat, but with more of the weird funny faces), I saw something very much like the one above, but not as nice of course, it got me wanting to know what application exactly this is!?!

Thank God that I have found it, and it is called the MakeupPlus app, by Meitu. I think the difference with Meitu Xiuxiu is that this is in English version, and it is really more for make ups! I use to have the old Chinese version, and I didn’t really like it.

Download here:
Google Play | App Store

WhatsApp-Image-20160615 (2)

You will be able to do a lot of things and it is really surprising because you can make your foundation on, lipstick & blusher on, and contouring, brows, eyeshadow & eyeliner, mascara as well. I think the most amazing thing is that you can choose the eyelids you want?!!

This is called the Pony’s Makeup Plus filter, go to number 5 and you will find it!

WhatsApp-Image-20160615 (1)

Download here:
Google Play | App Store

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