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Is Nose Thread Lift Or Fillers Better?


Some time back, I went back to Astique as my nose fillers keep spreading sideways after using fillers for a good 5 years. I believe many people around me are having this problem as well, because after having it for a period of time it naturally spreads sideways which is really disappointing and annoying.

I have spoken to a lot of people around me, many have not tried nose threading before, but those have tried those me really positive reviews about it. Like it will not spread sideways, and looks super natural compared to nose fillers.

So just one fine day, I decided to book an appointment with Astique telling them that I really wanna try threading, and Dr Celine recommended me to dissolve the existing fillers first, because it is a two different thing, which I refused to because I didn’t want to look ugly at all, not even for like 2-4 days for it to dissolve. So after insisting having it both mixed, Dr Celine did it for me even thou that was not what she recommended, and told me that there might be side effects and such but 女人爱美不要命…

So, I really went ahead and do it without heeding her advices.. Which I solely want to take full responsibility for.



As usual, they will have to apply numbing cream to let me feel less pain.




So here’s where the pain starts, they literally pierce the needle through my nose in order to have the thread inside.






So this is the after effect of the threading, which is super natural.


Is it painful for Nose Threads & Nose Fillers?
Honestly speaking, I never once felt nose fillers being painful and such at all. If I were to ever rate nose fillers, I would give it a 1.5/10. But if you were to ask me to rate nose threads, I would tell you it’s 6.5/10 as it is still really bearable.

You will sure tear no matter how much you try to control it because it kinda touches your nervous response causing your receptors to respond in the form of a tear.

Do I prefer Nose Threads or Nose Fillers?
Well, probably once you go threads you never go back? I was really tired of fillers being not able to last so long, it could only last me around 6 months, which I have to keep going back to top up, but for nose threads, I heard it could last you even a good 2 years and not having to worry that it will spread sideways because it is just literally a thread and not anything in liquid form at all.

Unless there are better alternatives out there which is currently not out in the market.

Do go over to Astique’s Facebook page and look for nose thread’s information!

For more information, you can always visit Astique Clinic!
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*I tried having a mixture of threads and fillers, everything went good and till today everything is good still. However, do this at your own risk.*

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