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The newest member, Surfer is finally joining Smilemakers’ family!

Guess who is coming into Smilemakers’ family? Surfer is now born!



So here’s a short description of Surfer! Hahaha.

A powerful and super quiet bullet vibrator for external use.

He paddles hard and rides smooth. Hang ten with this pro for an experience that will leave you feeling stoked.


In the bedroom of your mind, your fantasy friend is whoever you say he is. The intensity of your pleasure is limited only by your imagination; So get creative, let your mind roam and have fun. Because when you’re smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside. And nothing in this world is more gorgeous than that. So let’s play!

Please feel free to use the Surfer in the shower or in the bathtub, it’s waterproof.  Use Smile Makers water-based lubricant for a smoother ride. Please store in a dust-free place. Avoid exposing to direct Sunlight for an extended period of time.

Product Size

131 x 60 x 40 (It is really small…)


Get your tiny mini vibrator today because it is so affordable and comes along with a free lubricant!

Shop @ Smilemakers’ website today! And go to Smilemakers’ page to get your mini vibrator at an exclusive pre-sale!


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