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My First Ever Bingsu Experience! 

oI have heard about Bingsu for the longest time but have never gotten the chance to eat it, so finally when it was time for me to have my very first Bingsu Experience at Nunsongyee, I jumped at the chance, especially when I knew that the outlet I was heading to was at Upper Thomson (the district where yummy food is all around)!

At Nunsongyee, my bestie, Mel and I had the opportunity to try 2 of their Bingsu, one being their latest creation, Grape Bingsu!

In December, all of the Nunsongyee Outlets had their skills and creativity put to the test as they are all tasked with creating one Bingsu that they believe represents their Outlets the best. For Nunsongyee, their rendition of the Outlet Exclusive Bingsu was a delicious, creamy Grape Bingsu, decorated with real rounded Grapes and topped with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles! It was absolutely delicious and saccharinely sweet, without being too overwhelming. The concoction of flavors from the fruits, to the ice-cream and the shaved ice blended extremely well together too which make this a wondrous treat, even for someone like me who might be a fan, but not obsessed about this purple fruit!

Nunsongyee Upper Thomson Outlet Exclusive Grape Bingsu will only be available till the end of Dec’2016 so Grape Lovers, you know what to do don’t you!
The next flavor we have the luxury to try is my absolute favorite as I adore Mangos! Made out of chopped Mango Slices and generously topped with Mango sauce that drizzles down the sides of the ice-cream. It was absolutely heavenly! Each spoonful was a scrumptious delight and a reminder that I must definitely return to Nunsongyee to lap up more of its delicious goodness! Plus, it’s major insta-worthy too!

Lastly, we were treated to a Bingsu alternative (if you’re not too keen on shaved ice, this is a perfect substitute for you!), Honey Butter Toast, that exudes the same savory flavors but served on toasted bread instead and topped with Ice Cream! My bestie loves this and wouldn’t want to share so unfortunately I only had a few mouthfuls of it but what I can say is that those few mouthfuls was enough to understand my bestie’s undying love with this snack – the toast was buttery and chewy and when topped with ice-cream, it was simply marvelous!

Closing at only 12 AM on weekdays and 1 AM on weekends, this authentically Korean Bingsu destination is a definite hit if you’re a night owl. It is amazing for groups also as the portions of their desserts and mind-blowingly huge, perfect for those evenings-to-night-to-daytime gossiping sessions! 

In our eyes, the Grape Bingsu is a definite winner in this Bingsu Competition that the outlets are vying to win but that doesn’t mean the other outlet Bingsu creations aren’t as pretty too, check out the Outlet Exclusive flavors of all 5 Nunsongyee outlets here:

*Screams, I can’t wait to go back!’
Location : 227 Upper Thomson Road, S 574359

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