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Permanent BB Cream @ Limmys

Today’s post is gonna be about permanent BB cream! Before I went to Limmys I have never heard about permanent BB cream at all! My best friend, Annabelle asked me if I want to try out her new permanent BB cream and I told her why not? Every girls dream is to wake up looking as pretty as possible isn’t it? Having to wake up with no makeup, and look pretty is like omgggg, dream come true.

I really love Limmys, not just because it is really a place that is neat and tidy, but it is super cozy as well! Xx

So I lie down soon after I stepped into Limmys and was ready to do my permanent BB cream!

More information about Permanent BB Cream!

How long will Permanent BB Cream last and how long is the session?
The whole session lasted about 30 minutes, and you will look good for 4 to 6 months after 1 to 2 sessions. It all depends on individuals on how long the Permanent BB Cream will last as well!

Does Permanent BB Cream have any side effects?
No, Permanent BB Cream does not have any side effects at all. There is no down time as well actually. After the treatment you will look really pale (at least that was what happened to me), and I was told to go home and not wash my face. As it takes time for my skin to absorb the BB Cream fully.

Does the process of Permanent BB Cream hurt?
No, it doesn’t hurt at all. This is not a laser, and therefore it won’t cost me any pain at all. Only during when it rolls on my eyeballs, it annoys me a little, but it isn’t painful at all!

Location: 88 Rangoon Road #01-05, 218374 Singapore
Tel: 8112 0232
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