Is Korean BBQ The Best Among All BBQs?

Just last week, I had dinner with a couple of friends at One Two Kitchen located at Tiong Bahru! I was dying to have Korean food that day (even had Bingsu afterwards.. jeez, how fattening hahahaha)

You must have heard of One Two Kitchen before isn’t it? They have a couple of outlets and that this outlet is the latest as they have just reopened recently, having everything fully furnished! There are so many reasons why I love Korean BBQ, I will fill you in more soon!

What I love about One Two Kitchen is that there is a chef standing by the side of our table, helping us to cut the meats and BBQed it for us. That is the part where I loved most to be very honest, knowing that my job is to just eat and not having to care if it’s time to change the plate or that I have to cut any food is just simply awesome!

We had quite a fair bit of food on our table, and almost had a problem walking out because we were all too full!! The only reason for us to eat so full was because the food was so good, especially the Ginseng Chicken (okay, that’s my favorite but everything is good as well)! I had one bowl of rice because the rice was so good, and it makes me miss the days when I was back in Korean having a meal of 2/3 bowls of rice.. They have a variety of choices for us to choose from the menu, from beef to chicken to pork and there are just too many dishes which is totally overwhelming! Not all of the Korean BBQ places have so many dishes and One Two Kitchen is just so good with food!!!

Of course, One Two Kitchen fed the 3 pigs good food that makes us wanna go back soon!

Go down today to One Two Kitchen to taste authentic Korean food, even here in Singapore!

Call: 6255 0096
Location: 4B Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169245

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