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Pagefever, a scam?

As a blogger, I always receive emails every now & then. It doesn’t surprise me when someone tells me that they are interested in engaging me in advertorials and such. So just almost more than a week ago, I received an email Daniel Normore representing a company called Pagefever, you can take a look at their website here.

The message he sent was:

“Hi there, My name is Daniel Normore, the accounts manager at We are a Facebook brand awareness and traffic management company based in New York. Through our partnership, you can easily make $250 a week, without having your Facebook Page affected in any way, and receive more traffic to your page.

Here’s how it works.  We use your Facebook ads manager to advertise our health and beauty products.  Nothing will ever be attached to your page or account.  Facebook allows leeway to people who own very strong pages, and since our advertisements are “aggressive”, we need your help.
As you are already aware, your page is VERY active with wall-posts and have been around Facebook for quite some time. These two traits of your page are two major contributing factors that allow ads to stay up. If you are interested in this partnership and the opportunity to have your page promoted and make money through your Facebook Page, please give us a listen.
If you make us the “Editor/Advertiser” to your page and your Ads Manager respectively, we will be able to make ads through your page. I will elaborate on this part in the next email if you are interested. Once you make us “editor & advertiser” we will also have you add one of our credit cards to your account. We will be giving your page $50 worth of page promotion on a daily basis and our card will be charged for it.
Once the promotion is approved, we will FIRST send you $200, and for every week our ads stay active, we will be sending you $250. Note that these ads will NEVER be seen on your page and these ads can attract more people to your page.
Email me back if you are interested or if you wish to further discuss details about our partnership.
Thank you for your time and I hope to speak to you soon.”

Out of curiosity, I went to reply him with a few questions because he sent me the terms & conditions:

I felt that the terms & conditions were really fishy. Especially at 6, why would my Facebook page be disabled by Facebook? It must be because they do something against Facebook’s guidelines isn’t it, and questioned him about the terms & conditions. Up to today, there was no reply from Daniel Normore at all.

So, me being me, always needing a closure, went to try searching for more information about this Daniel Normore & Pagefever on Facebook. I could not find this person working at Pagefever at all, and guess what I found…



More: Link, Link, Link, Link!

After that, I emailed him a couple few more times because I want to see what is it exactly about but he refuses to reply me at all!

Is Pagefever a scam or is Daniel Normore real? Your call.

My purpose of having this post up is to warn everyone to not easily trust anyone because we might not know what will happen afterwards!

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